Be SMART Business

This program is now closed as of September 2012

Purpose of the Program

Improving the energy efficiency of the places we work, live and conduct business not only saves energy, but also saves money & resources, while strengthening the sustainability of Maryland’s cities and towns.

As part of the Be SMART: Saving Money and Resources Today energy efficiency program, DHCD is offering low-interest loans to small business owners and commercial property owners to realize substantial, immediate, and ongoing cost savings through energy efficiency improvements.

Eligible Applicants

Businesses and commercial building owners located in designated revitalization areas within Sustainable Communities, Main Street Maryland Communities, Baltimore City Main Street communities and Arts & Entertainment Districts.


Eligible Projects & Uses of Funds

Be SMART Business funds may only be used for energy efficiency measures. Eligible projects that utilize additional DHCD funding sources must include an energy efficiency component as part of the total project in order to be eligible for Be SMART Business. Project examples include:

  • Mixed-use projects combining residential and commercial uses in the same building
  • New construction or rehabilitation
  • ENERGY STAR Machinery and equipment
  • Leasehold Improvements

Available Loans

Two loan options are available to eligible applicants for energy efficiency improvements.

Be SMART Business

Loans up to $50,000 for upgrading of energy efficient appliances, heating & cooling systems, programmable thermostats, ceiling fans, insulation, windows and doors or any eligible use

Be SMART Business Plus

Loans exceeding $50,000 that are larger energy efficiency optimization projects with a focus on energy cost saving measures for buildings exceeding 6,000 sq. ft. or extensive energy efficient retrofits. In some cases, the Be SMART Business Loan Fund can be combined with the Neighborhood BusinessWorks (NBW) Loan Program.

Upon loan approval, an applicant will receive a commitment letter from DHCD. Loan approval requires that applicants meet underwriting guidelines. Applicants must have executed the necessary legal documents prior to disbursement of the loan proceeds.

For More Information, Contact:

Department of Energy’s BetterBuildings Program
  • Michael Haloskey
  • Director, Business Lending Programs
  • Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
  • 7800 Harkins Road, Lanham, MD 20706
  • 410.514.7237

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